A Heap of Tangled Lims


“New thrills!”

I’ve been busy over at Limerwrecks, contributing to an epic series working its way through the FRANKENSTEIN films — ace host Hilary Barta and I recently moved from SON OF (rich in rhyming possibilities) to GHOST OF (something of a snooze neither of us can remember too clearly). Here’s the rundown on my rhymes, but you might be quicker just heading over there via this link and scrolling down — that way you’ll get the benefit of all the other contributors’ limerickage.

Or ~

DC on SON OF FRANKENSTEIN here and here.

DC on GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN here, here (Dwight Frye again!), here, here, and here.


2 Responses to “A Heap of Tangled Lims”

  1. EXCELLENT. A film to make one scratch one’s head right down to the brain.

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