The Sunday Intertitle: Welcome to the Hippodrome


Here’s a Universal Pictures logo I bet few of you have seen — simply because Universal are pretty poor about distributing their back catalogue. Superimposed in the familiar rotating globe is the face of CEO Carl Laemmle (Snr) — perhaps the only movie mogul to insert his own portrait into the studio’s symbol. Well, I guess Louis B. Mayer didn’t want to get too close to that lion, and Harry Cohn would have looked undignified peeping round from behind Evalyn Venables’ skirts. And Adolph Zukor was no mountaineer!

The movie is THE GOOSE WOMAN, directed by Clarence Brown and featuring such silent screen personages as Jack Pickford and Constance Bennett (later of the talkies), and I hope to see it this evening at the Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema. I will report back anon.


3 Responses to “The Sunday Intertitle: Welcome to the Hippodrome”

  1. What a masterpiece The Goose Woman is! I shall be devoting more — much more — time to it shortly!

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