Oh the Inhumanity


Concluding our brief series of pieces on great production designers of the twenties, we turn our attention, over at The Forgotten, to Marcel L’Herbier’s delirious L’INHUMAINE, aka THE INHUMAN WOMAN, aka FUTURISMO.

These guys look all set to play jazz for Dr Phibes, don’t they?

It begins with cocktails and ends with electrogalvanism: a typical night out, these days.

2 Responses to “Oh the Inhumanity”

  1. High time for a major L’Herbier retrospective.

  2. I’d say so! Having seen only one of his later films, The Last Days of Pompeii, I’d say he retained enough interest at least into the fifties. And his thirties output is often sensational, and seriously neglected. And though the silents are highly regarded, they’re not often screened, and not that many are available on DVD.

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