Oscar (Francois Perier) in NIGHTS OF CABIRIA.

“A vaguely funereal fashion parade, a ceremony in many ways like a carnival, but at the same time a moving and pathetic spectacle, organized with the fullest awareness of what it was and is. Notwithstanding the clamour it excites, it is a private ceremony; it’s cinema encountering itself in an attempt to resuscitate the dead, to exorcise wrinkles, old age, illness and death. It has the same fascination as caricature; it is a caricature of the Day of Judgement, the Resurrection of the Flesh. Those like me who accept the mythology of the cinema cannot refuse a prize like the Oscar. To dispute the award seems to me ridiculous and childish. The cinema is about circus, carnival, funfair, a game for acrobats.”

~ Fellini on Fellini, edited by Costanzo Constantini.

Nights Of Cabiria [DVD] [1957]
Fellini On Fellini

3 Responses to “Oscar”

  1. Felliini, as usual, nails it. The “Fashion parade” aspect is getting more pronounced every year. Millons are spent on the “Red Carpet” arrivals before the show. But in the end nothing can beat Fellini — especially the Church.

  2. Jenny Eardley Says:

    “Flip your wings and fly to Daddy,
    Take a dive and swim to Daddy,
    Hit the floor and crawl to Daddy,”

  3. Took me a minute to work that one out, Jenny! When I showed Cabiria to students last month they were stunned at the thought of it becoming a Hollywood musical, but that’s probably just because they haven’t seen enough musicals.

    The Oscars is one of the few events in life that arrives pre-Fellinified.

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