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Oscar (Francois Perier) in NIGHTS OF CABIRIA.

“A vaguely funereal fashion parade, a ceremony in many ways like a carnival, but at the same time a moving and pathetic spectacle, organized with the fullest awareness of what it was and is. Notwithstanding the clamour it excites, it is a private ceremony; it’s cinema encountering itself in an attempt to resuscitate the dead, to exorcise wrinkles, old age, illness and death. It has the same fascination as caricature; it is a caricature of the Day of Judgement, the Resurrection of the Flesh. Those like me who accept the mythology of the cinema cannot refuse a prize like the Oscar. To dispute the award seems to me ridiculous and childish. The cinema is about circus, carnival, funfair, a game for acrobats.”

~ Fellini on Fellini, edited by Costanzo Constantini.

Nights Of Cabiria [DVD] [1957]
Fellini On Fellini