The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

Coll Gilles Willems, Album PN 1933-34 signature      618

Screening was a success — keen audience, applause, smart questions. And Natan scholar Gilles Willem was there, and he liked it, and Natan’s granddaughters Lenick and Francoise were there and they liked it. And our Irish crew. And Fiona and I liked it!

Afterwards, felt weirdly nervous and emotional, but people kept shaking our hands and congratulating us and heaping praise on us. And the suggestions for film festivals and other screening opportunities were pouring in…

The Film Festival is showing another film I worked on tonight — CLOUD ATLAS. Due to the big studios having distribution all sewn up, this major independent production has been released piecemeal around the world and is only now opening in Ireland and the UK.

What was my role on CLOUD ATLAS? That’s another story, for another day…

UPDATE: a brilliant review of NATAN from a blog which will shortly be joining my blogroll of honour — here.


8 Responses to “The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival”

  1. great news!! just off to feed the beast thanks for the tip about asking neighbours

  2. Thanks, Mary! At the risk of this turning into the NATAN update page, we should have more news soon. But tomorrow’s posting is a change of subject entirely, and an unconventional Sunday for Shadowplay (what, no intertitle?).

  3. Kudos to you and Mr Duane, Mr Cairns. The documentary sounds both fascinating and excellent. I wish you great success with it.
    How ridiculous that only now is Cloud Atlas getting a British release, that surprised me muchly. And depressed me rather, too.

  4. That second review is fabulous!! The great beast of Henderson St btw glared at me from under her daddy’s desk. Big eyes saying ‘what have you done to my daddy?’. The key seems to be unchanged btw.

  5. Thanks! Off to Cloud Atlas now, which should be very interesting. A great day meeting filmmaker Neil O’Driscoll who first told me about Natan, Daily Notebook editor Danny Kasman who’s in town by share chance, recording additional sound with our talking heads, and hanging out with Paul Duane’s psychotronic five-year-old daughter Gabriella.

  6. Congratulations, David! Consider this a handshake across the Atlantic.

  7. Psychotronic she certainly is. Gabi is currently lying on the floor re-designing Fiona’s wedding dress. Yes, the screening was a great success, more so than I was really prepared for. It’s a particular privilege to have the grand-daughters of Bernard Natan in town for the premiere, they’re delightful people and the fact that they’re proud of our film makes me feel we’ve done a good job. It will be interesting to see how things go once we start sending it out to international fests….!

  8. I think things are going to go really well with it.

    Fiona and I had a quite incredible evening at Cloud Atlas — more on this later…

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