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The Jameson Dublin International Film Festival

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Coll Gilles Willems, Album PN 1933-34 signature      618

Screening was a success — keen audience, applause, smart questions. And Natan scholar Gilles Willem was there, and he liked it, and Natan’s granddaughters Lenick and Francoise were there and they liked it. And our Irish crew. And Fiona and I liked it!

Afterwards, felt weirdly nervous and emotional, but people kept shaking our hands and congratulating us and heaping praise on us. And the suggestions for film festivals and other screening opportunities were pouring in…

The Film Festival is showing another film I worked on tonight — CLOUD ATLAS. Due to the big studios having distribution all sewn up, this major independent production has been released piecemeal around the world and is only now opening in Ireland and the UK.

What was my role on CLOUD ATLAS? That’s another story, for another day…

UPDATE: a brilliant review of NATAN from a blog which will shortly be joining my blogroll of honour — here.