Funeral today


Scott Ward’s funeral is today. I’m a pallbearer. Don’t know who else is on the team, apart from producer Nigel Smith (who introduced me to Scott — thanks, Nigel) and fellow writer-director Adrian Meade.

Scott carried us often enough. It seems the least we can do.

Side-note: trailer for HAROLD AND MAUDE, which I watched again yesterday, is made up entirely of trims and alternate takes. The cheap bastards at Paramount didn’t want to pay for duping the negative. But it’s interesting to see different versions of shots, particularly the guy falling over in the leaves, which is entirely different in the movie (and doesn’t quite work).

I think we need a Blu-ray of this one. The trailer on the DVD is actually better picture quality than the movie itself, which seems strange. John Alonzo’s cinematography deserves better.

3 Responses to “Funeral today”

  1. For the record David, Harold and Maude has a Criterion Blu-ray. But anyway, R.I.P Scott, you taught me a lot.

  2. Thanks Sandy — I must buy that! Hopefully by the end of the month we’ll have our 4K projector at the Art College and with luck a Blu-ray player to exploit it, and I can screen the movie in something more like its original splendour.

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