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Prototype poster image by Enda O’Connor.

NATAN, directed by Paul Duane and myself, premiers in its English-language version at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival on February 15th. Fiona and I will be there. If you come, I will shake you by the hand and call you friend.


Terrifying truth — the film is still being finished. Final grade and dub are underway as I type. I’m astonished at what we were able to uncover and get into the film and what we had to leave out. I *think* we’ve taken a dizzyingly complicated story and boiled it down to a comprehensible form without distorting the essence of what happened, and I *think* we’ve finally given Bernard Natan something of his due as a true forefather of modern French cinema, without whom the filmmaking landscape throughout the world might look very different. And I know we’ve evoked something of the injustice of Natan’s being virtually erased from film history — when our voice-over artist got choked up about it right there in the booth (“Is that true? Oh my God!”) — that was a pretty encouraging moment.