Film Directors With Their Shirts Off: My, my, Maya


Maya Deren poses. Words seem so inadequate, sometimes.


She’s not just a pretty, er, face. Lots of Deren’s striking body, er, of work is available online, maybe all of it. If you haven’t had the pleasure, start here. A great short film dream film dance film.

Next Week: Bruce Robinson bares all.

2 Responses to “Film Directors With Their Shirts Off: My, my, Maya”

  1. Several years back I had the transcendent pleasure of watching a tape of Meshes of the Afternoon in the house up on Kings Road just above Sunset Bld. that it was shot in. BEYOND 3-D!

  2. Talk about immersive! That should be an experience open to all. Or possibly compulsory. I also wonder what other films would particularly suit that experience. Marienbad? The Shining? Lost Highway would benefit from the fact that the opening house is Lynch’s own…

    I did see The Third Man in Vienna but it was in a cinema alas, rather than funfair or sewer.

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