Touch the Rebels’ Bodies. Go on, I dare you.


Britt Ekland + Pierre Clementi in Liliana Cavani’s I CANNIBALI over at The Daily Notebook today, via this week’s edition of The Forgotten.

It also features Delia Boccardo, which makes for practically a pulchritude overload. Brace yourselves.

10 Responses to “Touch the Rebels’ Bodies. Go on, I dare you.”

  1. PC is an Axiom of Cinema.

  2. Ha! I see you made the exact same remark about Clementi over at The Daily Notebook.

  3. Still dying to see this…my favourite Cavani is the divinely decadent BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL!

  4. Still to watch that one too. She definitely seems more interesting to me than she did when all I had to go on were The Night Porter and the rather turgid Ripley’s Game.

  5. THE NIGHT PORTER may not be a great film but it does have the all-time greatest screen couple, Dirk Bogarde and Charlotte Rampling! They were meant to co-star in BEYOND GOOD AND EVIL as well, but both of them rejected the script – allegedly because it was too extreme (!)

    Dirk seems to have baulked at playing a repressed homosexual in a film that featured full-frontal male nudity and on-screen fellatio. Charlotte was similarly unwilling to play a young lady embroiled in a menage a trois. Talk about Art imitating Life! Verily, the mind boggles!

  6. Well, there are limits for everyone. Like Malcolm McDowell refusing to anally rape another man in Caligula. “I tell you what I’m prepared to do… I’ll fist him.” He thought that was more acceptable!

  7. No wonder poor LA led such a deprived and frustrated existence!

  8. Actor Niall Fulton tells a very funny tale about Malc’s Edinburgh visit: remind me to share!

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