See you around, sweetheart.

jerrycorneliusRIP Jon Finch.

13 Responses to “See you around, sweetheart.”

  1. Via the YouTube channel ILoveJonFinch. So I’m not the only one who’s feeling upset about this.

    Ridley Scott, whatever his other sins, did try to bring Finch back, doubtless feeling bad about the way Finch’s diabetes caused him to miss the showy part in Alien that went to John Hurt. If only we’d had a thriving genre industry here, or else a director with a retro sensibility like Tarantino, who to his credit does cast actors from movies he admires and introduces them to a new generation.

    I expect to hate Django Unchained, but I do like that about QT.

  2. That’s quite a thing, isn’t it? Krishnan Guru-Murthy is smart enough to know that most arguments are won by the person who stays calm and articulate. He also has a decent sense of humour and knows when an interviewee is making themselves ridiculous.

  3. Indeed. What fascinates me is the point at which Quentin blew up. The interview starts — and ends — well. It’s the middle where he suddenly goes off the rails that turned this into a story.

  4. I’m sure he’s answered that question until he’s blue in the face, and I’m sure promoting a film is exhausting and annoying. But his language here is very interesting and, if one wanted to be cruel, perhaps unconsciously revealing?

  5. David Boxwell Says:

    In the early 70s there was no young British actor hotter than JF (“Lady Caroline Lamb” made me quiver). 40 years on, they can’t even definitively establish the day he died, and the local Hastings paper report of his death is in the top 10 results of a google search of his name. He’s like the Marie Prevost of his generational cohort.

  6. I just hope he was… reasonably content. He was BRILLIANT at his best.

  7. I’ve actually been inside the multicoloured tent where this sequence was shot. It was at some village fete in Dorset, simply minding its own business…so in I went.

    David Boxwell – Lady Caroline Lamb was one of the defining films of my adolescence. I know she was supposed to be off her rocker, but to me (as a hormonally challenged 14 year old) everything she did made perfect sense!

  8. I’m vaguely thinking of writing about that one, maybe for The Forgotten. It’s just unfortunate I don’t have a decent widescreen copy. I thought it was really interesting and quite moving, and I’m glad Finch was cast against type, even though he could obviously have aced Byron.

  9. If you can track down the Aussie widescreen DVD, I’ll be happy to go halves with you on whatever it costs. I am simply obsessed with Lady Caro!!

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