The Sunday Intertitle: Pachyderm Snatch


Glorious image from BOUT-DE-ZAN STEALS AN ELEPHANT by Louis Feuillade, available on box set from either Kino or Gaumont. If you buy the American release via the link below, I get a tiny dividend from Amazon. If you buy the French release, however, you get the authentic original language title cards, and you can either brush up on your French or expand your negative capability.


I’m off to Dublin for New Year, to attend the final cutting of NATAN, a documentary by Paul Duane and myself. I return on the 1st, and this will be the first New Year Fiona and I have spent apart in well over a decade. It feels good to be doing it for a reason, though, and it helps solve the perennial problem of what to do. The best New Year I ever saw in was when I was sick in bed with fever and all the TV shows seemed very funny.

Gaumont Treasures: 1897-1913

Also — Laird Cregar squeezed into five line limerick form.

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