The squeaky wheel of Death


Over at The Daily Notebook, an all-too-brief, but undeniably seasonal edition of The Forgotten.


5 Responses to “The squeaky wheel of Death”

  1. A minor puzzle in that ad: “Une introducton(?) Paul Graetz de la Transcontinental.” Paul Graetz, German Jewish actor who was in the “good” Jew Suss, died in the US well before 1939. Did he do some kind of voice-over intro for this film — transcontinentally?

    Robert “I’m Not Quite a Nazi Yet” Le Vigan was a busy actor.

  2. Duvivier used Le Vigan a lot, and testified on his behalf to keep him from being executed after the war.

    It seems there’s a second Paul Graetz, a producer who made films with Rene Clement, and Nick Ray’s Bitter Victory. I seem to recall hearing bad things about him, and at any rate Duvivier didn’t renew the relationship after making two films with him in 1939.

  3. Oh, I guess it’s “Une production Paul Graetz” then. That makes more sense than a post-carriage-ride Paul Graetz voiceover!

  4. There’s no VO, but some good blocky-yet-spectral text that announces “Here, there, or anywhere…” at the start.

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