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Song of the Sea

Posted in FILM, MUSIC with tags , , , on December 14, 2012 by dcairns

THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, the first Bond film I saw on release, has an aquatic theme, what with Curt Jurgens’ big vessel that swallows submarines and stuff, though this is neglected in Maurice Binder’s title sequence accompanying the Carly Simon song. To enhance the effect, I have transcribed how the lyrics would sound if actually sung underwater. You can thank me when you see me.

For best effect, the following should be sung out loud. By Carly Simon.

Nobly doubly bebbly
Maybly feeb sab fobbly reb
Nobly double habbly goob ab yoob
Bably, yooble beb

I wabble looble bub sumble yoob fumble
I tribal hibe fromble lub libe
Bub libe hebble abubbly
The spibly lubbly
Ib keeble obbly seeble sabe tonibe

And nobly doubly bebbly
Thobe sumbly wib sumbly coob
Nobly doubly quibly waby doob
Why’b yoob habbly beebly goob?

The wabe thab yoob holby
Whenebble yoob holby
Theb sub kyble mabble insibe yoob
Thab keebly frob rubble
Bub jub keeble cubble
Howbly lebbly doobly thibble doob?

Oh, and nobly doubly bebble
Maybly feeb sab fobbly reb
Nobly double habble goob ab yoob
Babel, babel, dabble, yooble beb

Babel yooble beb
Dabble, yooble beb
Babel yooble beb

The other thing you can do here is watch the title sequence and try to imagine a movie in which all the action depicted — running about with naked girls (cloned by three), naked girls swinging from giant guns &c — actually occurs in the course of the storyline. I’m not certain of this, but I think the result might be even better than THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

Maurice Binder used to tell the story of how, during one of the cartwheeling athletic bits, he had censorship issues with the nude girl’s pubic hair, which was visible even in silhouette (hey, it was the seventies). She wouldn’t shave, so he applied vaseline for a smoother finish (obviously the artiste couldn’t be expected to do this herself — what are unions for?). At which point, as M.B. was crouched down, intent on his work, Cubby Broccoli walked in and wondered aloud if he wasn’t overpaying his titles designer.