Pearls from the Deep


I like writing about short films — they take less time to watch. And I can sometimes post them so you can watch them too, as with this week’s edition of The Forgotten, which melds the knowing surrealism of the 20s with the more innocent madness of Feuillade’s serials.  Dig it!


5 Responses to “Pearls from the Deep”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    KISSA KOUPRINE . . . la voleuse!

    If Rene Magritte had ever made a film, this is the film he would have made.

    Intense, floppy-haired young men always seem to flopping over on their bikes in surrealist cinema (also Un Chien Andalou). It must be symbolic of their impotence. Or something.

  2. I always found bicycles somewhat surreal. Any vehicle that can’t stand up by itself is a bit suspect.

  3. “Intense, floppy-haired young men. . .It must be symbolic of their impotence. Or something.”

    It’s the “or something.” Today that hairstyle is known as “Emo “and ts most stunning purveyor of late is Ezra Miller

  4. Not surreal, but certainly bizarre — Jean-Louis Barrault’s most disconcerting bicycle in Drôle de drame, which he carries around as though it’s made of air.

  5. Well, Drole de Drame is KIND OF surreal… in the way that Spike Milligan or Bertrand Blier are surreal.

    Recently saw the Prevert brothers’ L’Affaire est Dans le Sac, which showed their unique brand of silliness was their from the start. What’s remarkable is that Jacques could turn his hand to tragedy so nimbly.

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