A little piece I wrote for The Daily Notebook, to coincide with a New York screening of Joseph H. “Wagonwheel” Lewis’s marvelous SO DARK THE NIGHT, which I’m afraid has now passed. But you should, if possible, see the movie anyway.

Also, a FRANKENSTEIN limerick to which I contributed the last line. (But the hard work was already done!)


3 Responses to “So”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    Burnett Guffey on camera: So Great the Chiaroscuro.

    Geray shows up in virtually every movie I love made between 1945 and 1950: Gilda, All About Eve, In a Lonely Place, Cornered, and on and on. He always played waiters it seems.

  2. I love SO DARK THE NIGHT…or at least the shadowed, framed through a window or around a looming foreground object memory of it, having last seen it screened in Chicago a few decades ago.

  3. Those windows were handy for masking out the parts of the town that didn’t exist!

    Geray appears in an early Thorold Dickinson, The High Command, playing paranoid and twitchy. He also makes a pitiable mark in The Mask of Dimitrios. Unlucky at cards AND in love!

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