The Big Man


New Chiseler piece, on this guy. And check out the rest of the articles too.

Also: a limerick on DRACULA and his mysterious armadillos.


10 Responses to “The Big Man”

  1. Hey, hows about Alain Resnais and his hedgehogs? (See Providence and Pas Sur la Bouche)

  2. I hadn’t thought of that. As the old Russian proverb goes, “The fox knows Many Things, but the hedgehog knows One Big Thing.”

  3. Lawrence Chadbourne Says:

    Nice appreciation, David. The Big Man had several other leading
    roles, as Victor Herbert and more interesting the dramatic “Whom
    The Gods Destroy,” check it out.

  4. Fascinating! I’ll go take a look.

  5. Lovely! And as I’ve only seen four out of the ten, I have work to do!

  6. I’d always figured that as a powerful potentate, Dracula had received tributes of rarities from travelers seeking his favor. Hence the armadillos. He presumably had quite an exotic menagerie back in the day.

    Frankly, I find the gigantic bee more puzzling.

  7. I think that’s a beetle or something. With his own coffin — a vampire bug!

    “Harness my zebras, gift of the Nubian king!” as someone once said (via intertitle).

  8. David Boxwell Says:

    WC seems to have been in every film made at Columbia in the 30s. His specialty was exhaling loudly through his nostrils while flying into a sputtering rage, his rising voice sounding like his testicles were being gripped by a tightening vise.

  9. I’m sure that’s precisely the sense memory he used when performing!

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