Suppose they gave a blogathon and nobody came?

Private Life of Don Juan

It was touch and go for the first day, but I can now say I’m delighted with how this has gone, and it’s not over yet — the response today has been so exciting, I’m saving my last post for tomorrow. Here’s STILL MORE —

Douglas Fairbanks (Snr) makes his last bow over at Mythical Monkey, and regular Late Show collaborator Gareth’s Movie Diary celebrates Jacques Brel’s final appearance in L’EMMERDEUR, which I only knew as the original of Billy Wilder’s own final film, BUDDY, BUDDY.

4 Responses to “Suppose they gave a blogathon and nobody came?”

  1. Gill Fraser Lee Says:

    Well, I have failed miserably … I have managed to watch the film, but won’t be able to write anything until next week. Late, late, late …

  2. Oh, I should have said — I’m eager to link to any late posts, whenever they appear!

  3. Gill Fraser Lee Says:

    Great! Will get to it this week, I promise.

  4. Looking forward to it!

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