10 laps / 10 hours to go


Another entry — just under the wire — from Stacia at She Blogged By Night — former Bathing Beauty Marie Prevost’s last film, covered in fascinating, compassionate detail.


9 Responses to “10 laps / 10 hours to go”

  1. David Boxwell Says:

    Norma Desmond mentions Marie Prevost when reminiscing about her career. I wonder if that was scripted by Brackett and Wilder, or whether Swanson “made it up” as she “went along.” At any rate, Kenneth Anger immortalized her, but not in a good way…

    Stacia must have spent more time writing her entry than they did actually making that movie.

  2. Marie Prevost is also mentioned in “The Hate Song” by Dion MacGregor

  3. I’m enjoying the entries so far, though I have more reading ahead of me! In any case, here’s a very late-breaking entry for the cause:


  4. NOBODY “makes things up” on a Wilder picture! I’m sure they carefully chose her as someone who was not quite, but almost forgotten at the time.

    Gareth, thanks, I’ll link to it in a post shortly.

  5. David Boxwell Says:

    If Prevost had hung on another 15 years or so, she could have shown up in SB’s ghoulish bridge party.

  6. For sure! Reminds me, I have some HB Warner gossip to share soon!

  7. If she could have hung on for just another year, she might have gotten into B-movie Westerns like everyone else in 10 Laps and at least made a living.

    I’d have to watch SB again, but doesn’t Norma pronounce her name “Prah-VOH?” I have a couple of movie magazines that say it is “PRE-voh” and “pre-VOST”. It’s Zasu Pitts all over again!

  8. If we’re going for authentic French pronunciation, “Pray-voh” would make sense. I once worked with an imitation Steenbeck 16mm editing suite called a Prevost. We just called it a pre-vost, when we weren’t swearing at it for chewing up the film.

  9. I assume she did use the French pronunciation, given the predilection for French names in silent American actresses. If I could dig out the magazines, I’d be able to confirm my hunch that pre-vost was in an early 30s magazine when she was trying (unsuccessfully) to shake off the image of being just an old-fashioned silent star.

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