World’s Smallest Blogathon


An entry! Head over to Grand Old Movies and have a scout around while you’re there!

3 Responses to “World’s Smallest Blogathon”

  1. Wait, what, there’s a blogathon I haven’t written for? Okay, I have until December 7th, right? All right, I’m choosing The Private Life of Don Juan, which is the last movie Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. ever made.

    You have thrown down the gauntlet, the Monkey has picked it up.

  2. Hooray!

    P.S. My entry will be up later this week..

  3. Oh, I see others have declared what they’re writing about. SO BE IT. I’m doing Ten Laps To Go (1936), Marie Prevost’s last film, and if I have time, Overland Stage Raiders (1938), Louise Brooks’ last film.

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