The Late Show


It’s started!

Unfortunately, I haven’t. Not a single film has been viewed, not a single article written. Nevertheless, I do not intend to disappoint you. Screening tonight is a special birthday showing of CLUNY BROWN, Ernst Lubitsch’s last completed movie (and a beauty!), put on by our friend Nicola, and I will be there. Meanwhile, the call goes out for entries, and I get busy…

Our Blogathon may be small, but what there is, is cherce.

22 Responses to “The Late Show”

  1. Intending to pen a piece on Donat’s third to last film, The Magic Box. Please nag me, hassle me and generally make my life miserable until I do it!

  2. Consider yourself nagged! It’s a lovely film, with just the right elegiac tone for the occasion.

  3. I couldn’t do Playmates (it would far too painful for a Barrymore fan), but I would be willing to write something on The Furies, Walter Huston’s last film. Could I email it to you for your consideration – like last year?

  4. Yes please! All entries are welcome, whether by email or via other blogs. I look forward to it — and I have the Criterion disc so I can illustrate it.

  5. La Faustin Says:

    Anatole Litvak’s Coeur de Lilas (1932), filmed, when not on location in Paris, in the Pathé-Natan studios. The “late” quotient is supplied by the heartbreaking Marcelle Romée.

  6. Wow — you’re going to write this? Yes please!

  7. On December 8 on Dennis Cooper’s site I’ll be running one of my periodic “Le Pettit Mac-Mahon de David Ehrenstein” entires. This one is a triple-feature of Tom Schiller’s Nothing Lasts Forever, Gregory Markpoulos’ Twice a Man and Jacques Rivette’s Duelle. Consider it a day-late contribution to this Blogathon.

  8. Thank you, an honour!

  9. For Grand Old Movies, I’m writing on Zeppo Marx and Duck Soup, something a little different for the Blogathon. Will put the link in a comment when it’s ready.

  10. Great! There’s a whole heck of a lot to say about that movie!

  11. […] the last, or very late, films of directors, actors, and others in the film universe. Please click here for more […]

  12. Hi – here’s an update – I’ve posted at Grand Old Movies my Late Show blogathon post, on Zeppo & Duck Soup – here’s the direct link – thanks!:

  13. Oops, I haven’t time to participate this year. Here are a few Late Films I’d written up earlier in 2012, then. As usual for me, the writeups are little more than plot descriptions with massive spoilers, so I suggest simply browsing over the pretty pictures.

    The Saga of Anatahan (late Sternberg)

    Queen Kelly (late Stroheim – the director, not the actor)

    The 1000 Eyes of Dr. Mabuse (late Lang)

    This one breaks the rules, but I’ve found little written about it so it may be of interest – Agnes Varda’s 2011 miniseries

  14. Superb, thanks!

  15. […] sublime dcairns of shadowplay is hosting his annual blogathon The Late Show: The Late Films Blogathon. The theme is the last film of… well, of something, or someone. The ‘thon is running […]

  16. Hello! I wrote an entry about “The Unholy Three,” Lon Chaney’s last film, at my blog, In the Dark:


  17. David – Sorry I didn’t find out about this sooner (I would have talked it up on the blog) but here’s my contribution to the ‘thon:

  18. Thanks! Look forward to reading. I’ll post a piece linking to this soon.

  19. Mine is finally done! On the last day, too, because I have a reputation to maintain

    Thanks David!

  20. Thank you! Will link to it on the front page as soon as I get in from work. Looking forward to reading it also.

  21. Thanks! Will link via a front page post shortly.

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