Like Tears in the Rain

Hayward is wayward, but never fear, Robert is Cummings! The self-confessed Butcher of Strasbourg joins the flame-haired siren over at The Daily Notebook in this week’s edition of The Forgotten. Which is nothing if not apt — a Forgotten about THE LOST MOMENT.

Ophuls said that the Hollywood composer is like the man who dispenses cheese in an Italian restaurant. You say “Thank you, that’s enough,” he goes away, and then a minute later you catch him spooning more on. “You have to watch him.”

He was talking specifically of Daniele Amfitheatrof, who nevertheless did a stunning job on LETTER FROM AN UNKNOWN WOMAN, and again here. You never hear the Greek mentioned along with his American and Hungarian colleagues. Seems to me he may be deserving of more consideration.

15 Responses to “Like Tears in the Rain”

  1. Thanks for a brilliant piece about a superb (but totally forgotten) movie! OK, so it turns Henry James into swoony Gothic melodrama, but all the better for it!

    Rumour has it that James Ivory is planning a new version of THE ASPERN PAPERS and has actually coaxed Olivia de Havilland out of retirement to play the 102-year-old woman. (Never mind that Olivia is a mere spring chicken of 96!) This would be too marvellous for words…if it happens. All my available limbs are tightly crossed!

  2. You’re welcome!

    Of course, if Olivia won’t do it, her sister would be a good fall-back option. Ivory could have a look on this blog to get some hints on How To Seduce Joan Fontaine.

  3. Beautiful article! And the movie is available on youtube:

  4. Thanks! I hope readers check it out.

  5. La Faustin Says:

    This looks utterly luscious and I had never even heard of it. Thank you!

    Also, where did that great Ophuls quote come from?

  6. So glad to hear Mr. Ivory is working again. His last film City of Your Final Destination is one of his best but hardly got any play thanks to the death of his partner Mr. Merchant. I hope that won’t be the case this time.

  7. Citing Celine and Julie Go Boating is most insightful as its primary scriptwriter, the recently deceased Eduardo de Gregorio, wrote and directed a modern dress James adaptation, Aspern.

  8. As for Martin Gabel . . .

  9. The Ophuls quote… let’s see, it was in a letter, I think to Howard Koch… could it be Koch’s autobio? Maybe, but I’m not sure…

    The only de Gregorio I’ve seen so far has been the great Serail, which is very much a Celine & Julie follow-up — had no idea about Aspern!

  10. Actually saw bits of ASPERN years ago, back in the day when Channel 4 showed Euro movies late at night. Atmospherically shot in Lisbon, with Alida Valli magnificent as the aged femme fatale! Alas, it was very late and I was rather drunk…so after a few minutes I thought, ‘Hell, I’ll watch it some other time!’ As if!!!

  11. I’m keen to see more of the late EDG’s work… not much is out there with subtitles, it seems, but I get the impression of a richly varied oeuvre.

  12. He’s quite a fascinating figure, and in Straub-Huillet’s Othon show off a great pair of jambs.

  13. “The Butcher of Strasbourg”–David, you clever fellow.

  14. Not clever, just persistent.

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