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Bacon role

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A vampirick limerick! In which I bemoan the more anemic qualities of Tod Browning’s DRACULA. (Irish connection: Bram Stoker.)

Sunday’s cinematic moment in Dublin was our visit to the Hugh Lane art gallery where Francis Bacon’s studio has been shipped and reconstructed, down to the last paint-soaked and scrunched-up newspaper. Filmically it recalls the biopic LOVE IS THE DEVIL, of course, but there’s also a display of the artist’s movie books, each featuring images he adapted for his work. One shot of Bardot with a young and handsome Jean-Louis Trintignant seemed poignant in the light of J-LT’s recent and very welcome return to the screen. My host Paul saw the new Trintignant movie, Michael “Happy” Haneke’s AMOUR, and dubbed the director “master of the bleeding obvious.” But Paul does enjoy Haneke’s Twitter account.

Dublin City Art Gallery itself is incredibly lovely, considered just as a series of rooms.

Now back to the edit for me, and back to Edinburgh for Fiona.