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Posted in FILM with tags , , on November 17, 2012 by dcairns

Fiona’s joined me in Dublin for the weekend (leaving our cat in strange hands) so don’t expect too much writing. I will try and cough up an intertitle tomorrow morning, though.

She pronounced her first night sleeping on the mattress on the floor to be “very comfortable” but complained of soreness. I explained that that was a side-effect of the floor, and that it would get worse. So far she doesn’t seem to believe me. She’ll learn!

Off for a vague-sounding day of sight-seeing now — any items of cinematic interest will be reported. I think Fiona will enjoy the Dead Zoo.

Oh, and last night we discovered our host’s stash of American Horror Story, which was right up Fiona’s street, though we both found the editing style a bit hyper. It can work for disorientation and panic, but tends to chip away at tension, and gets downright irksome in conversation scenes. But the show has Jessica Lange, who, Fiona observed, has clearly entered a new phase of her career — as divine diva-bitch. A bit like Joan Crawford but more self-aware (one hopes). She’s electrifying, and the role’s beautifully written.