The Greek Typhoon

New Forgotten, old favourite — here.

8 Responses to “The Greek Typhoon”

  1. My God, what a film this is!!

    Oh, and a great piece too, by the way.

  2. Thanks!

    Hope you enjoy your dinner with Fiona tonight!

  3. Romy Schneider is usually terrific. Mind you I haven’t seen any of the “cutie pie” Hapsburgiana…

  4. Me neither, but if it got her motivated in the opposite direction, we can be thankful for it.

  5. The Sissi films are a truly stultifying experience. The equivalent of a cheesy Viennese operetta, only minus the songs. Plus, each film lasts an eternity, so the whole series is eternity times four! You have to be an Austrian gentleman of a certain persuasion to sit through the whole thing. I know because I dated one. He was very sweet…but never again!

  6. What Dassin is doing here, as floridly entertaining as it may be is the polar opposite of Duras’ cinematic esthetic. I believe it was the decisive factor that drove her to become a filmmaker herself.

  7. It could well be. But I wouldn’t blame Dassin for making the film in his own way rather than somehow anticipating what Duras would have done. And if it prompted her to take charge of her cinematic destiny, he did us all a favour.

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