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The Sunday Intertitle: The Rocky Road to Dublin

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From HANGMAN’S HOUSE, included in the epic Ford at Fox box set. I’m still holding out for a Hawks at Fox box  set — quite apart from the crying need for a good release of A GIRL IN EVERY PORT, there’s my own perhaps excessive and unjustified need to see TRENT’S LAST CASE, or what’s left of it. The combination of Raymond Griffith as star and Hawks as director speaks to me. Plus, Hawks at Fox — it rhymes!

John Ford is a bit embarrassing about Ireland, isn’t he? It’s OK for those of us who aren’t Irish, or more or less OK (I find THE QUIET MAN a bit hard to take in places), but rather a burden for the Irish, who have already suffered so much, what with Neil Jordan and everything. You can feel it in actor Donal Donnelly’s interview in Lindsay Anderson’s terrific study About John Ford — the discomfort with Ford’s strange nationalistic-touristic attitude to his purported homeland, and also the awkward fact that Ford undoubtedly liked and admired Donnelly, but Donnelly wasn’t quite so sure about Ford. Oh, he greatly respected Ford’s work as filmmaker, he just wasn’t so sure about those aspects of it pertaining to Ireland. And I’ve just noticed that Donnelly was actually born in Yorkshire. If he could find Ford’s sentiment for Ireland embarrassing, I wonder how Jack MacGowran felt?

I’m off to Dublin now — Shadowplay will continue, perhaps a little erratically, for the month of November, before bouncing back in December with The Late Show: The Late Films Blogathon. Get scribbling, you scribblers!

Ford At Fox – The Collection