1001 Movies To See Before I Kill You

Not really, of course. That would make for an excessively long blog post and an excessively long kill list.

No, I had the title in mind and couldn’t think of a use for it, and wanted to make a quick announcement about forthcoming attractions on Shadowplay, but didn’t have a title for it, and so…

The month of November sees me relocate to Dublin (if my paymasters at Edinburgh College of Art approve: still waiting for final confirmation on that one but it seems likely) for the post-production of NATAN (still waiting for final title to materialise). So that month may see Shadowplay turn into an extended edit log. No, I wouldn’t do that to you, but there may be lighter posting, including regular updates on the film if I can find anything to say about it that’s not a spoiler or libel.

More excitingly for you, December will see the third installment of THE LATE SHOW: The Late Films Blogathon, in which I invite all you wonderful people out there in the dark to write about late and last films by beloved directors, producers, screenwriters, performers, nation-states (what was Yugoslavia’s last film?)… It’s a bijou affair, mainly because I don’t shout about it enough, but that might be a good, easy way to fill the blog in November, so maybe we can have a bigger party this year. Festivities start on Saturday, December 1st, and last all week.

Image above is from Egypt’s answer to ABBOT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN, but I forget the title.

11 Responses to “1001 Movies To See Before I Kill You”

  1. hope all the plans work out- was only briefly in Dublin this year but the Irish Film Centre is fab and … (she whispers) the food is better than the filmhoose

  2. Best of luck with the relocation and the post production! Also, go ahead and libel away. Just a little. Be a tease.

  3. Here’s the Ultimate Late/Last film (Sorry about the Spanish subtitles)

  4. Gertrud is one I should have a go at, for sure. I’ll pack a stash of late films for my trip. The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne is a must, and The Dead would seem pretty inescapable.

  5. and don’t forget —

  6. Please put me in the blogathon! My blog is in Portuguese, but there is a translator in the sidebar to hlep all my foreign readers. Soon i’ll come back to say which film I’ll write about.

  7. You’d be very welcome, Le! This blogathon is open to all!


  9. Thanks! I knew somebody out there would know. I *should* have known that someone would be you!

  10. I would like to join your Blogathon. Would posting on an actor’s penultimate film be OK?

  11. Absolutely! Remember, 1st to 7th Dec. I’ll prepare some banners and badges.

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