Pictorial Beauty

A new piece by me at The Chiseler, outlining my demented and ongoing quest to see every film depicted in Denis Gifford’s big green book of monsters, A Pictorial History of Horror Movies.


7 Responses to “Pictorial Beauty”

  1. You may already be aware of this, but Criterion’s upcoming Shochiku horror collection in their Eclipse series includes The Living Skeleton, which I’ve been fairly dying to see ever since I first read the Gifford book.

    Also included, the fairly amazing Goke, Bodysnatcher from Hell, and crazy kaiju epic The X from Outer Space: http://www.criterion.com/boxsets/928-eclipse-series-37-when-horror-came-to-shochiku

  2. A gripping development! I have seen The Living Skeleton, and I may have written about it (for The Forgotten, if memory serves) but I was working from a version with auto-translated fan-subs which made less sense than these things usually do.

    Goke is pretty amazing, especially for the weird caucasian girl’s performance. She’s invented her own school of acting, just like Stanislavsky. Only better.

  3. That’s sweet of you! I never say no to gifts, but if you bought it now I’d have to wait until I’d watched the rest of the films in the book. There are less than half a dozen to go but I don’t know when I’m going to find them…

  4. Wonderful project David. Kind of thing I’d do if I would have thought of it. We must be roughly the same age since I have that book and scoured it daily in the hope of one day seeing this or that film. Good luck on completing the project! You must have collected FM too. I edit the longest running online monthly film journal, Offscreen (www.offscreen.com) and you’ll find loads of stuff on horror there. Maybe you can place a link (I have one to your blog).

  5. Thnks, I’ll add you to my blog roll and check out your site at once!

    My mission has stalled slightly owing to the unavailability of some remaining titles (including lost films, whch demand a creative response) and the sheer tedium of The Man in Half Moon Street.

    I’m probably going to bite the bullet and watch Reptilicus itself soon, because that one sounds exciting.

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