I think he means it…

Malcolm McDowell in SUNSET, a comparatively recent film (1988) to be featured in The Forgotten this week, but if a Hollywood silent era western/mystery/comedy/action film by Blake Edwards doesn’t qualify, what does?

Find it here at the Daily Notebook.

4 Responses to “I think he means it…”

  1. Some Blake Edwards films are unjustly forgotten. Others I wish I could forget.

    Hate to admit this, but I live with someone who thinks 10 is a good movie!

  2. 10 actually IS a pretty good movie. I love Dudley’s pratfalls in it– especially the scene where he tumbles down the incline in front of his house

  3. I haven’t seen 10 in decades, but I’m curious how it might play now.

  4. Julie does her best to preserve her dignity…and ALMOST succeeds!

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