Print the legend

I make my Sight & Sound debut in the November issue, on sale NOW —

A whole page of ME, on Giuliano (GRAND SLAM) Montaldo’s CLOSED CIRCUIT, a film I discovered while digging up rare gialli for The Daily Notebook. Thrilling and mildly lucrative as it is to be in S&S, it’s a slight regret that I can’t, thus far, embed video in it. They’ve tried, but couldn’t get it to work. Something to do with the pixels interfering with the weft. So here’s a clip to serve as an accompaniment to the piece, and hopefully encourage you all to rush out and buy it.

I could and probably should tell you all about the film to make sense of this climactic moment, but I’m intrigued what will happen if you watch it cold, especially if you don’t speak Italian. Once you get the article it’ll all make (kind of) sense —

Circuito Chiuso from David Cairns on Vimeo.

I’ll just say that it’s sort of like THE PURPLE ROSE OF CAIRO as a giallo.

In other news, two limericks on the pressing subject of monster brains — One and Two — in collaboration with the gray matter of rhyme-wrangler Hilary Barta.

8 Responses to “Print the legend”

  1. Just read it last night, on my way back home and a good article aside, seeing your name there made me happy. Like the new changes in S & S a lot and think the journal looks fresher now. Looking forward to new pieces on your new column!

  2. Looks intriguing–and I’m not a fan of the giallo.

  3. This one really isn’t violent or perverse, just bizarre and intriguing.

    Wish I had a regular column, but it’s just a guest spot for now. But I hope to be back in there, I’ve already pitched more ideas.

  4. I’m picking up a copy tomorrow ! when you next pitch say that someone with about 10 year absence of buying S&S is forking out !

  5. Tony Williams Says:

    This was shown on BBC 2 three decades ago during the time they used to show some intriguing films. The premise is interesting but the concluding moraiism is weak.

  6. I agree that the post-match analysis by the sociologist is rather a strain, although it’s very nicely shot. I’d say I forgave it rather than I was actively impressed by that part of the film.

    Was it shown in Film Club? I loved Film Club.

  7. Tony Williams Says:

    I saw it sometime on BBC 2 in the early 80s and don’t thinkhe Program was called “Film Club.” This was the time when all broadcast channels used to show different types of films when living outside a major city was not a disadvantage. Now, as you know, things are different.

  8. Yeah, I can remember seeing Bunuel’s Death in the Garden on BBC2 in the middle of the afternoon on a Saturday. Unimaginable today! Despite the multitude of channels and supposedly “greater choice”.

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