Hugh Grant and a Giant Ant



If you would like me to make a drawing of a movie star being attacked by an outsized animal that his name rhymes with, comment below.

Scott Glenn and the outsized hen?

In other news, a limerick and another limerick. One on Philip Marlowe, the other on Dracula. Did somebody say team-up?

21 Responses to “Hugh Grant and a Giant Ant”

  1. Thank heavens! For a minute there, I thought you were actually driven to the extremities of reviewing traditional romantic comedies :-) and I HATED An Awfully Big Adventure, so I would have had to say something very scathing if you didn’t loathe it. Nice picture, though, actually looks like him.

    Music and Lyr-ants…

  2. An Awfully Big Adventure didn’t really work for me either (though Grant was enjoyable in it) — there were scattered moments of screenwriter Charles Wood’s former greatness, but I can’t believe he was inspired by the material. Iris has even less of his authorial voice, and there he’s forced to share credit with the director for the first time in his career…

    I hate Four Weddings and Love Actually and that crowd of films worse than I hate anything else made in this country, probably…

  3. While I think of actual rhymes there’s always Sandra Bullock and the…

  4. Alan Ladd and the Gargantuan Chad?
    John Cleese and the Great Big Geese?
    Christian Bale and the Alarming Snail?

  5. Chow Yun Fat and the Overweight Gnat
    Laura Dern and the Enormous Tern
    Tom Skerritt and the Colossal Ferret

  6. Rod Steiger and the hungry tiger, please.

  7. You want to give the poor beast heartburn? Better hope Rod doesn’t mistake the tiger for scenery, or he’d chew IT.

    Mary Brian and the Ravening Lion.

  8. Audrey Totter pets a wet, shiny otter.
    Charles McGraw gnaws a cawing macaw.
    Vincent Price getting diced by some mice.
    Crooner Dick Powell ‘neath the moon with an owl.

    You’re going to have to stop me, David.

  9. Unbalanced Tom Neal on the nose of a seal.
    Joan Bennett in a stole of genuine genet.
    Poor Robert Blake getting et by a snake.

  10. An unhappy Tom Cruise and the huge killer shrews.

  11. Christopher Lee and a rather big bee.

  12. Richard Todd and the king-sized cod.

  13. Clara Bow Meets the Overgrown Roe
    Fay Wray and the Lengthy Moray [a title ripe with potential]

  14. George C Scott and the Outsize Ocelot.
    Raymond Burr and the Mangy Cur.
    Barbara Steele and her Conger Eel.

  15. kevin mummery Says:

    Vin Diesel and his Enormous Weasel.
    Jean Claude van Damme and a Giant Clam.
    Dwight Frye and Some Octopi.

    That’s all I got.

  16. I like the weasel particularly.

    John Considine and his Vast Porcupine.
    John Mills and Something Else With Quills.

  17. Not an actor or an animal but I’d like to vote for Anthony Minghella being attacked with an umbrella.

  18. And Gretchen Moll with a parasol?

  19. Plus Alain Corneau with a chapeau!

  20. Oh, well if you’re going that far, Jack Black and an oilskin mac.

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