Cutthroat Highlands

In this week’s edition of Forgotten Gialli, the genre heads north to the Scottish highlands (and what looks to be the same Italian castle location used to evoke Celtic mystery in MACISTE IN HELL. Jane Birkin, above, is tres chic, and Serge Gainsbourg is on hand to further confuse the Gaelic with the Gallic.

The film is giddy tosh SEVEN DEATHS IN THE CAT’S EYE, and you are invited.

6 Responses to “Cutthroat Highlands”

  1. There’s an undoubted iconographic logic in putting Jane Birkin in the Barbara Steele seat. Adding Serge — and Hiram Keler and Anton Diffring — makes for more fun.

    BTW, I do hope you get around to Abraham Polonsky’s swan song Romance of a Horse Thief, which also features Jane and Serge, along with Eli Wallach, Yul Brynner and Lanie Kazan.

  2. I do mean to, but the only copy I’ve come upon in my travels was close to unwatchable.

    Gainsbourg was at least a somewhat interesting director himself, from the little I’ve seen.

  3. Yeah, that’s the one I saw. You know how there are movies that wouldn’t work if the mobile phone had been invented? Je T’aime Moi Non Plus is like that, only with lube.

  4. david wingrove Says:

    A friend and I went to see Je T’Aime years ago and wept all the way through, because it was basically the story of our lives.

    Who but Jane could look so stylish in a cloche hat?!

  5. As a pre-code fan, I have learned to love the cloche.

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