The Fulci Killer

The Freudstein Monster — from THE HOUSE BY THE CEMETERY

Since a VHS viewing of ZOMBI 2, I’ve had mixed feelings about Italian horror maestro  Lucio Fulci. His stuff seemed nasty, without any underlying philosophy. On the other hand, he certainly evinced style, albeit unsubtle style.  For all his excess and protraction, an authentic visual  genius like Sergio Leone was always much more economical in his use of film language than Fulci.

Still, I had to admit one thing: the monsters and zombies in Fulci are authentically horrid: they really feel not too much the products of makeup, and more the product of something having gone badly wrong with the actor’s body. Maybe a makeup artist has dusted the guy down with baking flour or something, but you get the feeling that even after a bath the lumbering fellow would be hard to look at.

Then I saw LIZARD IN A WOMAN’S SKIN which, lacklustre ending aside, struck me as a triumph, visually inventive to an absurd degree, and just hysterically enjoyable (the plot hinges on a murder witnessed during an LSD trip, whose imagery must be decoded to find the killer — I think).

And now I’ve seen another one that holds up awfully well — go here to read about it.


5 Responses to “The Fulci Killer”

  1. If you are able to get your hands on Fulci’s version of BEATRICE CENCI, I’d love to know your thoughts. It’s Fulci applying horror movie tropes to a costume drama (at least in my memory).

    Even in the pan-and-scan bootleg I saw, it was visually quite lush.

  2. I’m vaguely aware of the film and it does sound intriguing, although as there’s also a Freda version, I’m conflicted. But Fulci seems to be doing the horror mash-up thing, whereas Freda was still in his early period drama mode.

  3. Sam Waterburry Says:

  4. Link not working!

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