News from Edinburgh

The author goes cine-ballooning at Edinburgh International Film Festival. Photo by Chris Bourton.

Sudarshan Ramani, the artist formerly known as Arthur S, has set up his own is now editor of an excellent online film magazine, Projectorhead. I’ve contributed my own Edinburgh round-up, but I urge you to check out the good stuff also.

Also, over at Electric Sheep there’s another Edinburgh round-up, to which I’ve contributed reviews of the retrospectives, as well as Christine Laurent’s dazzling DEMAIN? and Peter Strickland’s tricky BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIOS.


14 Responses to “News from Edinburgh”

  1. Thanks for the write-up. But one major correction.

    I didn’t start Projectorhead, that honour belongs to Anuj Malhotra who appointed me editor of his magazine.

  2. Maybe it’s the overdose of editing mistakes but the electric sheep link doesn’t come up either. It still links to PjH…

    That is a cool picture up there by the way.

  3. Er…I meant overdose of editing mistakes I had to look at over the last several weeks.

  4. You look truly distinguished in that photo. perhaps you should try the formal look more often?

  5. La Faustin Says:

    Fiona quote, Paris: “He HAS nice clothes … why isn’t he wearing them?”

    See how right the Missus was?

    For your next appearance: jodhpurs and monocle.

  6. Thanks — I fixed the Electric Sheep link. Operating with heavy summer cold…

  7. Heavy summer heat here. 40C and above.

  8. The weather finally got nice here, and I’m quarantined.

  9. It’s good to have a photo for those of us who are locals. I’ll look out for you in the Filmhouse queue and will say hello – unless you’re sporting jodhpurs and a monocle.

  10. You might not recognize me in plain-clothes though!

  11. Christopher Says:

    looking sharp!

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