If I only had the nerve

NERVEN (NERVES) by crazy kraut Robert Reinert is fondly recalled in today’s edition of The Forgotten. It’s over at the Daily Notebook and you can watch the whole film for afters.

And, as if that weren’t too, too much, here’s a rather fine limerick, on the theme of existentialism (“still a hot topic at the time”). I urge you to check out the others — quite possibly the largest collection of Edgar Ulmer-themed five-line poems ever collected in one heap.

7 Responses to “If I only had the nerve”

  1. I have the Austrian DVD of this film, which is quite something indeed. I’ve also found the film he released earlier in 1919, Opium, which is apparently even wilder.

  2. Yes, I got a copy of that, but not a very good one, alas. The kind of thing where you can tell it’s beautiful, but you can’t really enjoy the beauty through the fuzz. But the Nerven DVD is terrific.

  3. We have this film at home but I’ve never got round to watching it. After reading your piece, I really must!

  4. It’s pleasantly bananas!

  5. Mute, fuzzy, and loco: Opium on YouTube will make you appreciate the Nerven restoration all the more:

    “The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema” has an essay on Nerven, all in the context of post-war trauma and “shell-shock,” which seems to be the current preoccupation of Weimarologists.


  6. Ooh, didn’t realize that the Amazon link would be so fancy and shill-like.

  7. The connection seems compelling in this case — the references to war and to civil unrest, and the near-universal mania, healed only by a new generation.

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