The Escape Artist

More Houdini! Over at The Chiseler.

Also, limericks, here — John Carradine in undead mode (I know, when is he otherwise?) — and here — DETOUR again.

11 Responses to “The Escape Artist”

  1. Very good , thanks. I was looking for some Houdini inspiration.

  2. His movies are a lot better than I expected. Totally charming. Welles said that at it’s best, stage magic could have “a certain kind of cheap poetry.” Movie serials are similar.

  3. Here’s another actor/magician I adore

  4. Then there’s Charles Foster Quinlan

  5. And this young upstart

  6. Also inspired by the serials, fittingly enough.

  7. david wingrove Says:

    My favourite screen magician is Turhan Bey in THE AMAZING MR X. It’s a long-forgotten gem from 1948, directed by the wondrously mad Bernard Vorhaus.

  8. Vorhaus + Alton + Cathy O’Donnell! It’s really terrific stuff, a prime example of what a B movie can be. Am desperate to see more good Vorhaus, but his inspiration appears only to have struck intermittently. But more of his quota quickies would be appreciated, if anyone’s holding.

  9. David E, you are a model of efficiency. Many thanks!

  10. You’re more than welcome.

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