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100 More Ideas That Changed Cinema

Posted in FILM, literature with tags , , on July 18, 2012 by dcairns

100 Ideas That Changed Cinema by David Parkinson is actually a nice book — respect to anybody who, writing about serials, gives a shout-out to ZIGOMAR. Now how can I see ZIGOMAR?

Still, I do think some of the things Parkinson refers to as ideas, such as “Typage,” “Bollywood” and “Kidpics” might not fit comfortably under that blanket noun. The auteur theory might be an idea, but is the studio system? I mean, did anyone actually have that idea or did it evolve like a, well, system?

Still, on the assumption that everything can and should be called an idea, I’ve come up with a further list of my own. This is just the first ten — you’ll have to help me finish it.

1) Killer bees.
2) Osgood Perkins.
3) The under-the-armpit shot.
4) Trousers for male actors.
5) Close-ups of buttons.
6) Walking/running slowly away from explosions without glancing back nervously.
7) Eyepatches for directors.
8) Saying “That went well,” after something has gone spectacularly tits-up.
9) Cats in sunglasses.
10) The bandoliers, nappy and thigh boots combo.
11) The giant crab in ONE MILLION YEARS BC
12) Musical number ending with long-held grin.
13) The putty nose.
14) Character losing job, girlfriend and something else all in one day.
15) Trailer VO that notes the above with expression “…is having a very bad day.”
16) Anne Francis in riding britches.
17) The word “britches.”
18) Gratuitous roller derby scene.
19) Helicopter disappearing behind trees or hill in order to explode cheaply.
20) The talking camel scene.