Fourteen Minutes

The 14-minute opening take from Shinji Somai’s LOST CHAPTER OF SNOW: PASSION, which resolves into a love story, a search for identity, and a murder mystery with a teenage girl protagonist. Kind of like Veronica Mars.

No subtitles in this clip, but plenty to look at! The camera move actually travels through different time zones, picking up the action a few days forward each time, without cutting. The sequence shows how the heroine, as a child, is rescued from a foster home where the family mistreat her, and brought into a loving environment to be raised by a teacher.

This take is really three separate shots, bonded together by moments where the camera passes into darkness (a little more unobtrusive than Farley Granger shuffling his midriff into the matte-box). The stylised studio set is delightful, and totally unlike the rest of the film (think of Scorsese’s use of a studio set for a childhood memory at the start of ALICE DOESN’T LIVE HERE ANYMORE) — watch for the moment when an entire building starts rotating out of frame to make space for the camera movement…


6 Responses to “Fourteen Minutes”

  1. Great clip David, been looking at lots of examples of exterior snow scenes filmed inside studios as I just filmed one for a Sky Arts 4 part Drama with Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe. We built a snow bound Russian forest circa 1917 in a studio in West London!! worrying stuff but turned out great. Look out for it around Christmas time.
    “A young Doctor’s Notebook.”
    Simon Vickery (looking forward to being back home in Edinburgh at the weekend!)

  2. You’ll arrive for the tail end of the Film Fest — hope you stop by!

    Show sounds exciting, Hamm is always good value. Your experience shooting interior exteriors on Sad to Say But Sammy Is Dead no doubt came in handy!

  3. Just enjoyed an experimental programme here at EIFF. Less Mekas-influenced than Michael Snow, though. I loved it, but now my frontal lobes need a warm bath.

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