See Me

Fiona’s VERY keen to see REPTILICUS but I keep telling her we have to wait until I’ve seen every other film illustrated in Denis Gifford’s Pictorial History of Horror Movies. A quest which has been on hiatus recently, you may have noticed. Well, when you title something See Reptilicus and Die, somehow you find you’re superstitiously not in a hurry to finish it.

As we’re in the home stretch and the remaining films are, many of them, particularly hard to see, I’m going to ration them out — one a month, probably. Next up: THE HYPNOTIC EYE!


10 Responses to “See Me”

  1. I daren’t look! But I encourage others to do so.

    Just ran Phantom of the Rue Morgue, another Gifford entry. Sensational!

  2. chandlerswainreviews Says:

    I would surely hate to hear of anyone expiring simply by the act of viewing “Reptilicus”, however, I understand there may have been a few on the effects team who later died of embarrassment.

  3. In the words of Oscar-winning visual effects artist Randall William Cook, “It won’t disappoint.”

  4. Christopher Says:

    “Wheres the rest of me!??”–Reptili ‘ol cuss

  5. Mmm… reptilicious.

  6. John Seal Says:

    See Reptilicus and Die; but first, you’ll want to visit scenic Copenhagen!

  7. I keep waiting for Von Trier to announce a shot-for-shot remake of Reptilicus starring Charlotte Gainsbourg.

  8. Which one would play the big lizard? Maybe he could have the front end of the costume, she the back.

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