What connects Alain Delon, David Bowie, Jean Rollin, James Bond and Bernard Natan? The answer would have to be something tremendously cool, wouldn’t it? And yet the answer is this week’s edition of The Forgotten, as usual available over at the Daily Notebook.

(A stampede of feet is heard clattering across the internet, due west.)


5 Responses to “Zap!”

  1. La Faustin Says:

    With feathers?!

  2. Wow! My next Cole viewing will probably be Lydia Bailey, with Anne Francis and William Marshall.

  3. judydean Says:

    In front of me is a copy of Guy Peelaert’s book Rock Dreams, a collection of paintings of rock stars in imagined settings that depict their music and persona. I bought it in 1974 and its bindings are long gone, but it’s still a treasured possession..

  4. His style sure changed between the 60s and 70s. I guess it’s the airbrush, and working with photographs, that account for it. Also a shift from colourful 60s optimism to something darker.

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