Fish Stories

Over at The Forgotten, care of the Daily Notebook, 1948’s mermaid trawl is served up for your plate. There was quite a catch that year!

7 Responses to “Fish Stories”

  1. Irving Pichel also played the creepy sidekick Sandor in DAUGHTER OF DRACULA. Did he specialize is such vermin?

  2. Big fellow. Typecast as lunks.

  3. Apeechatpong!

  4. Neil Jordan tried to revive the sub-genre a few years ago with his dismal ONDINE. ‘Nuff said.

  5. Stephen Woolley once pointed out that Jordan was OBSESSED with fish, tried to work them into every movie, and paid a disproportionate amount of attention to their arrangement on set. So I think Undine was the final apotheosis of a long-held fish fetish. This fascination with piscine pleasure connects him to Fellini, but it’s about the only thing.

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