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God Sees All… And So Do We

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POWERS OF TEN (or better, COSMIC ZOOM) as remade by Hitchcock… with a small assist by me.
Hitchcock’s overhead shots have a particular function. They certainly act as storytelling shots, with Hitchcock the Master explaining the set-up to us. But they also fit into his world of subjective camera effects: the POV in question being that of God.
But if the above observation seems trite or familiar, please entertain yourselves by identifying all of the films sampled above…
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For the Love of Film.

Rhymes and Misdemeanors

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Because sometimes you just want to get roaring drunk and bite Mike Henry on the jaw.

A bunch of limericks, here, here and here. All about that hollering ham, Tarzan the Ape Man. Did I already link to this DAUGHTER OF DRACULA one? Or this?

BUT — as if that weren’t enough, some Hitchcock-related limericks as part of the For the Love of Film: Film Preservation Blogathon.

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Hmm, I can’t really participate in a blogathon with just some links to another site. So here’s an exclusive —

Hitch serves as assistant for Cutts

Unswervingly busting his nuts

And thanks to his aid

When the film is displayed

The seats are all filled up with butts.


But THE WHITE SHADOW fades from the screen

Mislaid by the movie machine

Now this great blogathon

We’re all slogging upon

Will allow it once more to be seen.