Dial 3D for Murder

Finding a way to bend The Forgotten around to the subject of Alfred Hitchcock was an interesting challenge. He’s probably the least forgotten dead filmmaker ever. Still, I’ve written a little about what is, in a way, his rarest film. This is all for For the Love of Film. Donate here —

7 Responses to “Dial 3D for Murder”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    Having always thought of DIAL M as Hitchcock’s dullest film (apart from TORN CURTAIN) I’m now intrigued to see if it might come to life in 3D. Not that I’ve ever seen the point of 3D either. But perhaps if you put them together…

  2. The quieter moments work especially well, I think — rather than being a distraction, the 3D can step into the limelight and become the whole show.

  3. Hilary Barta Says:

    David, I can’t wait for you to see this in full on 3D. I have long thought this an amazing and gorgeous film when seen in depth. It should come as no surprise that Hitchcock pointed the way to how a technical “gimmick” could be put to the service of Art. Not to brag or make you jealous, but I was lucky to see this revived in the original, synchronized two-projector process. Mind blowing.

    I fell in love with 3D since seeing 3D EC comic book from the 1950s on which Wallace Wood did his own separations for the multiple planes. Speaking of which, they just released a huge book of Wood art that includes at least some of his art for that 3D comic, albeit NOT in 3D.

    But we were talking about Hitchcock, weren’t we? Your limerick on ROPE is up on LIMERWRECKS.


  4. Just left a note at “The Forgotten.” Yes it indeed comes to life in 3-D. Flat it’s FLAT.

  5. Interesting how people are either instinctively pro or anti 3D. I’m skeptical about the industry’s pushing it, but I just love the thing itself.

    I thought Roger Ebert’s “3D is a waste of a perfectly good dimension” was an amusing put-down, until I realized — wouldn’t NOT using it be a greater waste?

  6. I’m still waiting to see a 3-D film I like and that doesn’t give me a headache (anaglyph tends to do that to me). The 3-D televisions out now aren’t exactly a great leap forward when I watch the demos, but they do have some nice effects. I suppose if anyone could get me to enjoy 3-D, it would be Hitchcock. The early ’80s revival did a lot to sour me on the concept, but I didn’t get to see most of the revivals as my city wasn’t big enough to get but a few.

  7. I find Dial M quite agreeable flat, so maybe if it gets digitized you’ll be able to enjoy that one.

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