The Sunday Intertitle: ?

I stumbled across this intertitle online and immediately knew that I MUST NOT watch the film it comes from.

The title of the film is MATRIMONY’S SPEED LIMIT. It’s by Alice Guy-Blache. I like her stuff, and she’s an underrated pioneer of cinema (virtually the first fiction filmmaker) who was almost entirely written out of the history books. This must come from one of her later American films — I guess she’s also one of the first European film directors to carve out a career in the USA.

But the combination of enigmatic title and enigmatic intertitle is too much — I just want to preserve them as mysteries in my mind. Actually, since looking at the initially baffling intertitle again, I have a pretty good idea of what it must refer to, but I won’t spoil it for you. I still don’t want to know who Fraunie is or what the legal upper limit of velocity is in a built-up area. I prefer to bolster my negative capability by wallowing in ignorance.

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