Taylor Made

David Ehrenstein’s been nudging me to write about IDENTIKIT, AKA THE DRIVER’S SEAT for almost as long as The Forgotten has been appearing. With the help of a fan-dub which grafted the English language soundtrack from the duff bargain-bin VHS onto the pristine image of the Italian DVD, I’ve finally been able to give the film the viewing it deserves. Result.

It occurs to me that a lovely Giuseppe Patroni Griffi box set would be a nice idea: GPG’s sexy, perverse and doom-laden cinema deserves a wider audience and greater ease of access. In the spirit of the heroic fandubber alluded to above, I’ve just used Google Translate to convert a French subtitle file for his LA DIVINA CREATURA to English — now I must see if the result makes the slightest bit of sense…

14 Responses to “Taylor Made”

  1. The strangest Liz Taylor movie I’ve seen. I would like to have to witnessed the contract negotiations that led to her signing up for it. Did she ever talk about it subsequently?

  2. I don’t know… even an interview from the time of release would be revealing. Anything anybody involved could tell me would be gratefully received.

    Is it stranger than Secret Ceremony, though? Tough call.

  3. Liz was busy divorcing Richard Burton at the time of this movie…so you might say her mind was not fully on the job! That bring said, she gives a phenomenal performance.

    Apparently, the Muriel Spark Archive in Edinburgh contains a hand-written letter from Liz in which she raves about the book and hopes fervently that she can do the role justice. She even asks the author for her own insights into the part.

    Say what you like…that gal was a pro!!

  4. Jenny Eardley Says:

    “When I diet, I diet. When I orgasm, I orgasm. I don’t believe in mixing the two cultures.” Of course, that’s so obvious why would you even say it?

    Great piece and thanks David Ehrenstein for nudging. I’ve been going back to the youtube clips of this one for a while, wish I could see it and it sounds like it would live up to my expectations.

  5. It’s a film to live by!

  6. David, I’ve been meaning to ‘live translate’ DIVINA CREATURA to you for years now. Even if I miss some of the dialogue, it’s one of the most visually beautiful films ever made!

  7. David Boxwell Says:

    It’s also Spark’s most mystifying novel. The protagonist’s last words, before “kill me” in four languages: “I don’t want any sex. You can have it afterwards. Tie my feet and kill, that’s all. They will come and sweep it up in the morning.”

    The film puts a Eurotrash gloss on Spark’s wickedly ironic worldview. Beautifully.

  8. I just left a comment over in “The Forgotten.” I’m all for a Patroni-Griffi boxed set, especially if it includes “Il Mare.” As for this very high quality Eurotrashorama (ideally double-featured with the Helmut Berger “Dorian Gray”) get ahold of a copy of Andy’s “Diaries.” Required reading.

  9. It may be hard for some people to believe, but the movie actually lives up to that trailer!

  10. David E – Have you ever actually seen IL MARE? It’s one of my Holy Grail movies, which I’m constantly looking for and can never find. It showed once at the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – at the behest of Derek Jarman – but, alas, I was away at the time.

    My ultimate Holy Grail film (which is rumoured to be completely lost) is something called LA MESSE DOREE by Beni Montresor. Does that one ring any bells?

  11. The stills here and on The Forgotten indicate a much better version of the film than the one I have- where can I get this copy of the Italian dvd with the English language soundtrack dubbed on? I love this film, and the current dvd release is not good quality for a film I cherish!

  12. Easiest thing might be to get it from me! Let me know if you’re interested.

  13. Hi David, thanks for the quick response- yes I am interested! I’m not sure if you can see my email?

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