Rhyme Does Not Pay

silent limerick — well, it is if you read it with your mouth shut — at Limerwrecks, and another, chattier one.

The first is a collaboration with master of melodic mayhem Hilary Barta. I think the examples of his work here and here are particularly satisfying, and the latter has a Shadowplay connection.

And — stop press — another one from me, and another collab.


10 Responses to “Rhyme Does Not Pay”

  1. F Watson Says:

    ‘She gives you that weird feeling!’ that she’s a lesbian.

  2. She depends from your living room ceiling
    And thus renders you pensive and reeling
    From the cornice she hangs
    With those prominent fangs —
    No wonder she gives you that feeling.

  3. David Boxwell Says:

    Gloria Holden. The name, thanks to Everett Quinton, just cracks me up (“Glory Holden”).

  4. David Boxwell Says:

    Holden victim, Nan Grey, “barely legal” in DD (born 1918).

  5. Fortunately the age of consent for getting vampirized is lower than that for other thing. Or do I mean “unfortunately”?

  6. I love Miss Cartilage!

  7. David, I especially love the last one, our collaboration “Faux Pair”. Irving Pichel’s Sandor has to be one of the silliest assistants ever–if only because he so solemnly serious.

  8. If only me type gooder.

  9. And David has yet another limerick up today, in the first of several weeks on Tarzan.

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