Mr Fuest Builds His Dream House

A real obscurity sees the light of day — the first film from Robert (DR PHIBES) Fuest, lovingly pored over at The Daily Notebook.

Own it — Just Like A Woman [DVD]

8 Responses to “Mr Fuest Builds His Dream House”

  1. david wingrove Says:

    Have just read about this film and am already dying to see it! To be honest, it had never once crossed my mind that Fuest wasn’t gay – or that he didn’t at least ‘help out when they were busy’. Even the best-tuned cinematic gaydar can suffer the odd malfunction!

  2. I’ve carried images of Wendy Craig (UK’s Deneuve) in a spaceship in a back garden for many a year. Now I know it’s not a dream.

  3. No, it’s still a dream — the “spaceship” home is in a field of cows.

    If Wendy Craig is the UK Deneuve, our failure to reward her with her own Bell de Jour is deplorable. But I’m not necessarily ready to grant that “if” yet…

  4. I’m not saying it’s a good thing. It’s just the British way.

    Marilyn Monroe / Diano Dors
    Danny Kaye / Jon Pertwee
    Elvis / Cliff
    Wallach / Butterworth
    Blues / Chuckle
    Craig / Deneuve

    It’s simply how things are.

  5. Heh! She had a grand career in movies for a minute there.

  6. Howard Curtis Says:

    There’s another curious Joseph Losey connection, which is that when Just Like a Woman went out on general release it was as second feature to Losey’s Accident. A rather strange double bill that must have been, but although I saw both films at the time, I can’t remember a single thing about the Fuest, except for not thinking much of it.

  7. Lightly likable though it is, I do think it’d seem a bit insubstantial next to the Losey-Pinter. Although taken together they provide a pretty comprehensive portrait of the upper-middle class of England in that period.

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