Film Theory

“What’s happening in this scene is — you can be with a woman, and things can be going really well, you think it’s definitely going to happen… but then a cat shows up. And you can forget it.

“And Fellini understood this.” ~ C. McLaren.

Meanwhile, over at Limerwrecks, you can read an ode to Vampira which has perhaps the best title I ever devised.

8 Responses to “Film Theory”

  1. For me La Dolce Vita is less a movie than an event in my life. I saw it in 1961 when it opened in New York as a “roadshow” (ie hard ticket) item at the Henry Miller’s theater. When it got to the Bassano di Sutri sequence where Nico took Marcello to the castle of the aristocrats I more or less fell into the movie.

    And I haven’t really ever left it.

    The young prince with the floppy sweater and whispy mustache who shows Marcell around became a ‘role model.’

  2. Anita, Marcello and the Trevi Fountain are an essential image of cinema — as absolute as Marlyn and the subway grating in The Sen Year Itch

  3. david wingrove Says:

    A few years ago, when my idol Camille Paglia was writing an ‘advice to the lovelorn’ column, she wrote a reply to one reader who had a particularly traumatic love life. She began it as follows…


    I think that says it all.

  4. If your life were going to be a Fellini movie, La Dolce Vita is probably a better one to aim for than Nights of Cabiria, say. But I love to walk around with Nino Rota playing in my ears and fantasizing my way into that parallel — no, that DIVERGENT reality.

  5. david wingrove Says:

    Personally, I’d go for JULIET OF THE SPIRITS as my own particular lifestyle guide. Much better costumes and decor…and iridescent colour to boot!

  6. My only concern would the static electricity from all that bri-nylon.

  7. And David has another limerick up today, part of our series on Lang’s SECRET BEYOND THE DOOR. I like the title on this one, too.

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