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I completely forgot to link to my review of John Flynn and Paul Schrader’s ROLLING THUNDER over at Electric Sheep magazine in February. So I’m doing it now.

And here is a limerick about Dracula.

Directorial madness department:

Ridley Scott at the PROMETHEUS press conference — “Doing it in 3D was no problem at all. You don’t realize it, but we actually see things in 3D all the time. We just don’t realize it. You’ve got long sight and short sight, and together those two things make up 3D.”

Scott has a great eye, but what exactly is it hooked up to?

James Cameron at the London premier of the TITANIC 3D conversion job, explaining why he chose this movie to convert: “I think it’s kind of a timeless classic…”

I’m paraphrasing, but I’m paraphrasing very accurately.

End of miscellany.